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Why don’t high schoolers go on field trips more often? Field trips are a way for students to learn outside the classroom in a more flexible and relaxing environment. Every year the art students who have been a part of the drawing and painting class and ceramics class for two or three years and are seniors who went to explore Santa Fe. Recently, on Tuesday April 12th, the two or three year art students went on a field trip to Santa Fe to look at all things relating to art. Art teachers Mrs. McCoy and Mr. Yoshida, and activities director Ms. Arnett were the chaperones for the trip and conducted students around Santa Fe.

Painting by Scott Anderson, Crest Generations, 2013 Photo credit Riley Cook

Painting by Scott Anderson, Crest Generations, 2013
Photo credit Riley Cook

Students took the Rail Runner train to Santa Fe, arriving and walking around Santa Fe. They went to the Art Museum of New Mexico, went to lunch and explored a little more, and then got back on the Rail Runner train to head back to Albuquerque. “The field trip was a wonderful, relaxing experience and a way students can continue to engage with the arts and culture after high school,” said drawing and painting teacher Carrie McCoy.

The museum had over 100 pieces. As an assignment for the day, the art students made a detailed sketch of their favorite piece of artwork or sculpture. Chad Martinez, senior advanced studios art student, said, “I liked the artists Gloria Graham and Scott Greenland the best because they created detailed and abstract pieces of work that were really cool to look at.” All students had a favorite piece of their own and that is what made this field trip so special.

Learning outside of school is a different experience that everyone should undergo while in high school and is also very important for students to see what else lives outside of the school.


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  1. LCHS Journalism Student says:

    Great article Riley! I agree with your idea that students should be given more opportunities to go outside of the schoolyard and explore the different exhibits at a museum, or an art museum as you stated. I’m a student who feels like I don’t get out much as well. 😀


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