A one-on-one with junior Divya Rajput, varsity, shows how experiencing victory affects her personally.

Divya Rajput, junior, Varisty Girls Tennis player, in her stance getting ready to hit a forehand. Photo by Riley Cook
Divya Rajput, junior, Varisty Girls Tennis player, in her stance getting ready to hit a forehand.
Photo by Riley Cook

Q: How were you feeling before the match?

A: Before the match I felt a little bit weird, considering we had never played Academy at our home courts. We always played at their courts.

Q: After shaking hands to be introduced to your opponent, how were you feeling?
A: After shaking hands I didn’t really feel any nerves or pressure, I just felt ready for the match.
Q: Once you got on the court, when did your nerves start to kick in? Or were you calm the whole time?
A: When I got on the court to play my match, the nerves set in. Although it was exhibition, my partner and I had never played doubles together before so it was a little stressful figuring things out.
Q: Throughout the match or matches you played, was there anything that you struggled with the most?
A: The most frustrating part of the match my partner and I played was the inconsistency of our opponent’s serves. One second they were straight down the middle, and the next they were wide near the alleys! The serves were super hard to predict.
Q: When things became intense when nobody was sure how the outcome was going to turn out, what was going through your mind?
A: When the match intensified I did end up getting a little bit more stressed. I feel like the entire atmosphere got a lot more tense.  It was hard to walk by my teammates and see them so frustrated.
Q: After the players shook hands, and at the moment when everyone knew La Cueva had won, what was going through you mind?
A: When everyone shook hands I felt really proud of my team for fighting till the end and not giving up.  I also felt relieved and happy because we finally beat Academy.
Q: What is something that you have learned the most from the match against the Academy?
A: This really isn’t something I learned, but it is something that the Academy match reaffirmed. When we play a match it is really important refrain from assuming your team is going to win until all the matches are over.  We had won all the doubles, so going into singles a lot of our players were pretty confident. However the Academy girls put up a fight that our girls overcame.