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Orchestra Retreat

Camerata performs Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Johann Sebastion Bach at the retreat. Photo Courtesy to Sterling Silver

Camerata performs Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 by Johann Sebastian Bach at the retreat. Photo courtesy of Sterling Silver.

Natalie Cook | SPORTS WRITER

The La Cueva Orchestra attended a retreat the weekend of March 10-12, and were looking forward to enhancing their skills. “The point of the retreat was to get many hours of rehearsal time and to work with different clinicians that helped us improve our music,” said Makayla Roberts, junior, violinist in the String Orchestra.

They traveled to Glorieta, New Mexico, for three days of focused practice. Spending this time on retreat has really brought them closer together and playing as a whole. “Spending a weekend together helped me get to know more people in orchestra and become a unit within the orchestra while we played,” said Roberts.

The retreat was meant to be a learning experience for the La Cueva Orchestra. From the retreat, Sterling Silver, senior, violinist in Camerata, said, “I’ve learned how to listen and balance with other sections in the orchestra, instead of just following the conductor.” Like Silver, many other members of the orchestra have learned how to be more involved as a team and this will help set them apart at the state contest coming up April 8-9. 



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  1. KH_90 says:

    It’s great to see the students pursuing their passion and talents in orchestra. It’s amazing to see that trips are available for orchestra because it brings a new and exciting experience for all!

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