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Not Your Typical Hero


Derrick Gallegos | OPINIONS WRITER

Who do you think about when the word superhero is mentioned? You probably think about Superman, The Hulk, or even Batman. Do you think about Deadpool?

If you answered no to that question then you should definitely check out the latest Deadpool movie with Ryan Reynolds.

If you’re not familiar with Deadpool, all you need to know is that he’s not your typical superhero. Deadpool, or Wade Wilson, doesn’t play nice and he definitely doesn’t do well with others. The February blockbuster showcased the “hero” as accurately as possible and it did not disappoint. The movie was a perfect mix of action, comedy, and immaturity. Deadpool is famous for being wildly inappropriate and the film did not hold back with the violence and vulgar language. Who doesn’t like that? Well, evidently a lot of people really wanted to see this movie and just how great it is because various records were broken.

The film broke the record for biggest R-Rated opening weekend of all time. The film also broke the record for the biggest opening weekend for a first time director and it was the biggest opening for a Ryan Reynold’s movie. It broke the record for the biggest 20th Century Fox début ever and had the biggest opening for a comic book superhero movie ever. Among several more beaten records, the movie also had the biggest opening for a February release ever.

The accomplishments that this movie achieved are incredible. The movie grossed over 300 million dollars in its worldwide weekend début on a $58 million budget.

This movie was something people have never seen before. Deadpool may have opened up the world to a whole new type of movie because now movie studios will be more willing to make a movie that people want to see. The casting for the movie was perfect and the story was interesting and different. Ryan Reynold’s definitely earned the praise that he is getting for this movie because he tried to get this movie off the ground for years before they started filming. If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, go see it as soon as possible.


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