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High School VS College


Michael Reynolds | Lifestyles

“Everyone had always told me that you just need to get through high school because high school mostly sucks, and they were totally right! College is complete freedom you just need to know your boundaries, show up to class, and do your assignments.”-(C)

Out of curiosity I asked myself what comes to mind when other high schoolers think about College. Before bothering a group of freshman at the University of New Mexico with questions about what should come of College, if that’s the path you choose, I told a group of my friends about this article, (sophomores and juniors) people who I knew would have good, useful, legit questions and I asked them if they had any worries, questions, or topics I should bring up in the Freshman Interview I planned on doing.

Topics my friends and I discussed were all over the place. Of course first we talked about college parties, legit right? We talked about how underclassmen parties are almost always supervised and “usually lame” according to most people, which made me think about how different college “kick-backs”-(J) (Parties) are. After too much party related discussions with my friends, I brought up college education. Something that we’re all anxious about whether its nervousness or excitement. My friends slowly distanced themselves from the topic, so I contemplated alone.

After hearing my sister’s friend Riley mention she got a 4.0 GPA her first semester, I asked her, a freshman at Fort Collins, if she considers her courses more challenging than high school. “It depends, some of my friends are doing terrible in school because they don’t know their place and don’t take assignments seriously enough, but No, not really. It’s nothing like high school… instead of having assignments and tests every day or every week we have things like papers and projects due sometimes months away giving us more than enough time to prepare.”

What I concluded from everything she said is how in high school your time is structured by others, but in college you manage your own time. “Professors don’t treat us like were kids anymore, and I still can’t believe that technically, I’m not.”

In high school if you don’t show up to class, you get a call home, and if you miss an assignment, your parents get on your case.  If you don’t understand something you can just ask your teacher for help! But in college, nobody makes you go to class, nobody else is going to be looking at your grades, and Professors teach for the majority.

“….I’ve never heard of a professor walking up to a student and telling them what their absent work is,” said Maisie Reynolds, freshman at UNM. So from what I was told it sounds like High school and College aren’t even in the same realm of comparison, and if college is what you choose to do after high school, you have something to look forward to.



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  1. Kearstin Baros says:

    This is a whole new side of college that I never seemed to evaluate. As much as your prepare for college I always hear that, freshman year at least, is a breeze. I hope this is the case but I feel as it just depends on what college you attend and the classes you take.


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