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Cheesecake Factory Review


Shannon Ford | Opinions Writer

The Cheesecake Factory opened in February at the Coronado Center off of Menaul Blvd near H & M in the mall. Two of my friends and I decided to go to lunch on their opening day, arriving at 10:30 a.m. in order to get in right away when they opened at 11:30.

Once it got to be 11:20 the staff of the restaurant began to let people in. The line was going out the door and as it began moving I felt like a cow being ushered to my imminent death. However, this feeling faded as I walked into the restaurant. It looked spotless, clean, high-end, and expensive. I was shocked to see how many staff members were around the restaurant and how many people showed up before it had even opened its doors.

We were seated immediately and ordered our drinks a short time after skimming the menu– a promising start. When our waitress was serving us she was very attentive. We got multiple refills on our lemonades and she checked to make sure we were doing okay every so often.  I ordered the Lunch Pizza and Salad, choosing the Margherita pizza out of their five pizzas and a Caesar salad instead of a garden salad.

The Margherita pizza was fairly good. The crust was crunchy, the tomatoes were ripe, the mozzarella cheese was a bit chewy, and the basil leaves gave it an extra splash of flavor. The Caesar salad came out to be a lot bigger than expected. It resembled a steep mountain made of lettuce instead of rock. One of my friends also got a Caesar salad. She liked it a lot, but the dressing was more sour than I like it to be.

We ended up being in the restaurant until a little after 1:00. Most of our time was spent waiting for our food. I’d give them a little leeway since it was opening day and there were tons of people, almost every chair was full.

The restaurant was playing a variety of music, newer and older, from Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift to Imagine Dragons. It kept us entertained while we waited on our food.

We were stuffed after not quite finishing our meals so we didn’t get dessert. Overall I’d give my experience a 7/10 stars. If we didn’t have to wait as long for service, my experience would have been better. However, the ambiance of the restaurant, good company, and a decent meal made up for the slightly lacking service (for the most part).


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  1. Nidal says:

    The Cheesecake Factory is one of my favorite resturants to go to, well at least in Albuquerque. When I went in, I had the same feeling as you guys; it looked very expensive and clean. I ordered one of their pasta called the four cheese, and let me tell you, if you like lots of cheese you’re going to like this pasta. The four cheese pasta is a good pasta, but not worth the price. The pasta with chicken cost $20 and it was a bit salty which was not very satisfying. I would also give this resturant a 7/10 stars. It is a great resturant to enjoy good food, and if you have room in your stomach, it is good for desert.


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