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Spring Movies


Jake Duffy | Lifestyles

Spring is the pre-season or maybe in simpler terms the second best season for movies than summer. As spring break slowly but surely approaches many students are probably hyping up for a trip back to the movie theater.

If not already obvious this spring is almost dedicated fully to superhero movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Mar.25) and Captain America: Civil War (May.6). Both films are considered ‘superhero epics’ and both clock in approximately 2 ½ hours long; both films hold much hype and seem to be living up to it according to critic reviews.

For those not very interested in the superhero genre can look forward to Allegiant this Friday (Mar.18) the long-awaited third film in the Divergent trilogy.

For those in love with Disney animation, specifically multiple variations of The Jungle Book animation, they can expect to see the live-action interpretation of The Jungle Book (Apr.15) and the second film in the Snow White and the Huntsman series The Huntsman: Winters War (Apr.22).

For those looking for more dramatic or science-fiction based films this break be sure to check out Midnight Special this Friday (Mar.18).

Since we are just now in the infancy of spring, films like Deadpool, a hilarious, action-filled movie has pleasantly surprised all superhero and regular movie-goers and has earned an impressive 8.4 on IMDb. Zootopia was also another extremely pleasant but also extremely intelligent surprise from Disney’s animation studios, also earning a strong 8.4 on IMDb. Deadpool and Zootopia are both promising films bringing us into spring break with positive attitudes.

This spring break is full of nostalgic, awaited, and exciting new movies. Be sure to head to your closest theaters with or without friends and check out any of these high quality movies to escape the sun for an hour or two.


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