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Jazz All State



New Mexico Jazz All-State took place January 22nd through 24th at Eastern NM University. Adam Salinger- Mullen, all-state trombonist, said, “All state is when all of the musicians around try out and they pick the best, however so many, and then we go play in other ensembles and play together.” Many students attend this competition and all leave after having a great experience.

“Playing 45 hours in three days, you are exhausted, but it was good.  There was good music,” said Chris Barnes, who also plays the trombone. The competition involves playing with the best musicians in the state, making new friends, listening to and playing good music, and having some friendly competition.

The jazz band has high hopes for next year. Mullen said, “I hope it will be just like high school musical.”

“I hope to get first again in state!” said Mark Shover, who plays the alto saxophone.

With big dreams and talented musicians, our jazz band is doing great and ready for next year’s all state!


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  1. PZG says:

    This article is well written, but it probably needed at least one more edit. There were a few grammatical errors, and there were too many sentences that didn’t quite make sense. After an edit or two, this article will have everything it needs to.


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