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Swimming Captures Blue Trophy

Girls Swimming

Girls Swimming

Boys Swimming

Boys Swimming


As the timer was ticking, the cheering from the crowds and the teams made everything that much more intense and exciting. The noise level at a competitive swim meet can be deafening.

So, where does it all start? The La Cueva swimmers start their days by eating the right foods to energize them for the rest of the day. Tyler Lopez, sophomore, said he eats, “scrambled eggs before the meet,” and Michael Westerberg, senior, said he fuels up with “a #2 at Blake’s.” After starting off the morning right, the team begins to prepare for the races mentally and physically.

“Pacing while I stretch my shoulders gets the jitters out,” said Westerberg. Being in the building, you could just feel the nerves and anxiety in the room.

Anita Sumali is in her first year swimming as a freshman, and she was feeling a mix of emotions. “Before the race, I was feeling focused, nervous, and excited,” said Sumali. As the races went on that day, the swimmers and coaches were on their heels and couldn’t anticipate the outcome.

During and after each event the atmosphere in the building became more and more intense for La Cueva because of  “all of the relays and how fast everything was going,” said Lopez. The La Cueva swim team knew all of the hard work they had put into all of those early morning practices and other meets leading up to this paid off.

“It was the most exhilarating moment since we’d worked so hard as a team to earn it,” said Lopez. As the bears dive head first into district and state, their confidence and excitement had them ready to dominate. “We’re all going into this last month more focused and passionate about the sport as ever,” said Daniel-Hannah Grace, senior.



  1. N.J. says:

    First of all I would like to state how happy I am to see swimming in the Edition! Second, the article stated exactly how everyone was feeling after winning Metro; including the pre-race routines and the actual emotions. I wish that Vince Sanchez ( the swimming coach ) could have commented also on our performance.


  2. B.H.M says:

    Finally! Some recognition for swimming. I am a swimmer and not getting noticed is a constant battle with football and cheerleading always taking the spotlight. So, thank you Riley for noticing us.


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