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La Cueva Hosts New Mexico’s Largest Speech and Debate Tournament


Marshall Ma

The La Cueva Speech and Debate team just held yet another successful Cave Classic Tournament, January 22nd and 23rd. With schools from in and out of state, the tournament was packed. According to Coach Schripsema, LCHS hosted “24 teams with 260 competitors, including a team traveling all the way from Pueblo, Colorado.”

Varsity members Nicole Reyna, Marshall Ma, and Emily Hong take a break from working the tournament to take a picture together.

Running the tournament was a hectic experience, but the end result was well worth it. Typically, it is very difficult to run a speech and debate tournament in a timely manner… but NOT for La Cueva. Our speech and debate team exhibits incredible work ethic even when they are not competing themselves. It is due to this incredible hard work that the team was able to run the tournament smoothly with very few delays.

As for a bonding experience, new and old members alike of the La Cueva team got to share the unique experience of hosting a large tournament. Despite the stress the team members had to endure in order to run the tournament smoothly, fun was always present. Team spirit thrived as we experienced running something together. The team got to feel important, and in turn were brought closer together.


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