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Five Mile Float


Lauren Koelling

Sick of your playlist and looking for some new music?  Check out this awesome new band started by high school students like you. Five guys, Zach, Matt, Carlo, Nick, and Kirk, started up “Five Mile Float” in the summer of 2015 and are currently planning a tour in June to the west coast while recording an album with 12 songs.

Five Mile Float band members.

Five Mile Float band members.

All of them except for Zach are still in high school. Zach said, “We’re not sure what we wanna do after high school or college,” but they want to continue this band in the future. The guys also want the band to “go to the top five.”

I recently went to one of their gigs at the co-ops on Central, and the vibe is very chill and fun.  Although the crowd included a lot of stereotypical band guys, it was a lot of fun, especially for a Saturday night.

“We consider ourselves Indie pop music and our target audience is people who like to have fun.” Along with making music, the guys enjoy dancing together and eating fruit gushers and pizza rolls during practice.  “Our aesthetic is sort of like an indie surf beach vibe.”

Check out their music on Facebook, Sound Cloud, and any other music streaming website. Check out the band on Instagram with postings of their latest and upcoming gigs.



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  1. Student says:

    Five Mile Float should have something special in the yearbook; it would be fun to look back on the high school band of our own school.


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