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A cappella Begins at La Cueva


Natalie Cook

An interview with Mrs. Amend:

Mrs. Amend - choir teacher at La Cueva High School

Mrs. Amend – choir teacher at La Cueva High School

Q: What are your goals for creating this a cappella group?

A: This is the missing piece of the puzzle at La Cueva. We have a great Mixed Choir, Concert Choir and two fantastic Show Choirs, but no group for people who love the Pentatonix and tv shows like “The Sing Off” and “Pitch Slapped.” Maybe students want to sing pop music, but don’t want to dance, like in Show Choir, so this is just right for them.

Q: What made you want to start this group?

A: My first year back at La Cueva in 2009, a group of choir singers asked if we could meet after school to sing some a cappella songs. I love the a cappella style and the challenges it presents. I wanted to meet the needs of our students who love a cappella too.

Q: How many people are you hoping to be in this group and why?

A: I hope to have 24 singers- 6 in each section, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. That’s a good size to give several people solo opportunities, but make each singer feel supported by others on their voice part, too.

Q: Are there any competitions this choir would compete at? If so what kind of competitions and where?

A: There are high school a cappella competitions, but mostly in the mid-west and eastern U.S. We’d have to build an ensemble and develop repertoire, but La Cueva can do that!

 Q: What personal experiences do you have with a cappella music?

A: I sang in a cappella ensembles in high school and college and did a little bit of a cappella writing and arranging in college. Now, I’m a huge fan of the College Nationals and watch the live feeds. One of our La Cueva graduates, Lauren Dekleva, is competing with the Beltones from Belmont University and I’m her biggest fan!


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