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What’s your December Tradition?

LCHS celebrates "the lights" in all their splendor, regardless of faith tradition. Photo by Kaylee Carver.

LCHS celebrates “the light” and splendor of the human experience, regardless of faith tradition. Photo by Kaylee Carver.

Kaylin Carpenter|LIFESTYLES

When it comes to the start of the winter season, every family does it in their own style. Whether it’s opening gifts on Christmas Eve or reflecting on Nguzo Saba for Kwanza, every family adds their own personal flair to stave off the growing darkness as the days become shorter.

Kailee Halton, her family and friends go to Durango to snowboard during Winter Break. She said, “It’s fun spending time with my family, doing things we all enjoy.”

Every Christmas Eve, my grandpa dresses up like Santa and gives a gift to everybody. We call him Papa Santa, and he tells a story that every Christmas Eve, Santa comes by his house, gives him the suit and gifts to give to all the children. Everybody waits in the living room, and when we hear the sound of bells, everybody in the house gets quiet and waits for Papa Santa to arrive.

That’s my family’s tradition. But at the Harlow house, they have their own holiday rituals. “Every year on December 26th, my family puts a shoe in the window for Saint Nick to come and fill with candy. If you were bad, Krampus comes and fills it with coal,” said Hannah Harlow, freshman.

In freshman Lauryn O’Brien’s house, they buy really weird Christmas ornaments for each other. “Usually they’re random animal ornaments. This year I got an armadillo,” said Lauryn.

“Every year, on the Saturday after Black Friday, we go to the farmers market and get a tree. Then we go home, watch Elf, and decorate it,” sophomore, Kelli Ingle said.

Hannah Greenblatt gives us some insights to her favorite Hanukkah traditions. She said, “We like to light the candles every night and play dreidel. Potato pancakes ( ’nuff said).” Some traditions are as simple as lighting a Menorah together, but others are a little bit more interesting. Senior, Alejandro Ruiz says, “My family gets together every Christmas and kills a goat.”


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