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What Being Captain Means to Me


Marshall Ma | News Staff

The most prominent way I have exercised my leadership skills has been through my captain-ship position on my speech and debate team. As Public Forum captain, I have the responsibility of effectively educating my new novice members as well as helping other varsity members to improve. We have had two highly competitive tournaments thus far, and we swept debate at the first tournament and swept both speech and debate at the second.

As I educate my debate team, I learn more from them than they learn from me. I then take these lessons they teach me about myself and turn them into another lesson to better them. This positive cycle shapes our team healthily and makes for constant enrichment.

Being the leader for my team has also given me the confidence to perform better when I debate, as well. Since I’ve been captain, I’ve placed at two out of the two tournaments we’ve had this year, taking first and second. I love being able to set a great example for my team and being great motivation for them.

Being captain has really emphasized to me the dynamics and importance that positive cycles have on a team. When I spend more time with my team, we all prepare better. When we prepare better, we all perform better. When we perform better, we respect and look up to one another. We then get motivated to spend more time together, thus re-sparking our productive cycle.


LCHS debaters place top two at the Los Alamos tournament. From the left: the writer, Keanna Kast, Michelle Zhou, Sophie Yang.

However, the most important skill I’ve learned through leadership is patience. My team tests my patience more than anyone else yet I could not be more proud of them at the end of the day for all of our accomplishments.Me (far left) with Keana Kast (2nd to left), Michelle Zhou (2nd to right), and Sophie Yang (far right) winning 1st place together!


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