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SHHHHHH!! Librarians uncovered


Lauren Koelling | Features

Ms. Barnhardt--media specialist and ambassador of Peace.

Ms. Barnhardt–media specialist and ambassador of Peace.

Do you ever stereotype a librarian? Like maybe think that they are boring, book smart, non-social, mean, maybe even have no life outside of the library… but your about to find out what one librarian has to say.

Gerri Barnhart, LCHS school librarian said, “None of that is true. Stereotypes are almost always wrong.  We are very social. We are so active and technological, and I would like to think we’ve broken that mold.” Did you know that Ms. Barnhart was in a band in the 80’s and traveled around the US? Even today she is still in a band and plays instruments.

As for a social life she said, “I’ve been married to my partner for 23 years and I have a lot of dogs. They are my babies.” But why would anyone want to be a librarian? “I never wanted to be a librarian. I’m dyslexic and I didn’t even know I liked to read until later in life…people who knew me when I was young would freak out if they knew I was a librarian!”

So these librarians actually are very interesting people. “We are so interactive with teachers and students. We love meeting new people.” And although they may shush you, they are there to help!


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