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How to Become the Perfect Student Athlete


Kaylin Carpenter|LIFESTYLES

Being a student in high school is stressful enough, but adding on sports, friends, family, and possibly a job piles on loads of pressure that is hard for teenagers to handle. Not everyone is the perfect straight-A student, on a varsity sport, or has tons of friends. Granted, there are some kids who can totally pull that off, but it’s just not that common.

Here are some easy ways to get even closer to being the perfect student athlete:

Stay organized. Keeping everything neat and clutter free will definitely free up some time that you probably would have wasted looking for papers or trying to find something you need for practice.

Manage your time very wisely. It’s easy to say, but harder to do. If you have some extra time before practice, do some homework or start studying for your next test. If you finish your classwork or test early, work on something for another class to try to get ahead.

Ask your friends for help. Chances are, your friends are struggling too. Friends who study together, stay together.

Avoid procrastination. Don’t blow assignments off, because you know you’re going to end up hurrying to finish it at the last minute. Save yourself the stress, and do it when it’s assigned.

Do your homework throughout the weekend. Although weekends are our breaks from school, spend some of your time doing your work on Friday or Saturday. Staying up late on a Sunday night trying to finish your homework is never fun.


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