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Go-to Gifts


Isaac Montoya | Lifestyles Staff

Not everyone has the best ideas about what to get their friends or family for gift-giving. Whether due to some of our budgets, or due to convenience, we don’t quite know the perfect gift. These gifts are budget friendly and are convenient.

1) Gift cards. Not the most creative, but when you are dead out of ideas or don’t have that much money, a gift card to your family or friends favorite restaurant or clothing store is perfect!  Gift Card Ideas: Starbucks, Hollister, Kohl’s, Boba Tea, Target, Keva Juice

2) Lush. Lush cosmetics is an all organic, body works shop. Their store is filled with tons of lotions, deodorants, bath bombs, lip scrubs, soaps, shampoos, and much more. Lush is a perfect gift if you have a budget because their prices are as low as $5.

3) Clothing. I know this is known as a Christmas DO NOT, but if you know the person well enough and you know their taste, this can be one of the best gifts they receive.  Fun socks and scarves make for light-hearted gift giving.  TIPS: simply ask them. “What kind of clothes do you like,” or “What do you want from Hollister?”



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