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Diary of a Wimpy Kaylin


Kaylin Carpenter|LIFESTYLES

Like I said last time, being short is a struggle, but adding on clumsiness makes it even worse. Whether it’s tripping up the stairs, down the stairs, or tripping in the hallway, it’s very rarely that I go an entire day without having a total klutz moment.

In seventh grade, I was the girl who walked directly into a pole. I wasn’t running or messing around at all. I was walking, fairly slowly in fact, and I literally turned and walked directly into a pole. Explaining that story to my mom from the nurse’s office is as interesting as it sounds, and so is explaining why I am missing a good chunk of my eyebrow.

One time I was performing at a competition, and I had hit a perfect routine. All of my stunts hit, all of my tumbling landed, and there were no flaws…until I tripped at the end of the routine. My coaches weren’t very happy with me.

I guess you could say I fall head over heels for anything and anyone.



  1. T says:

    Short, and clumsy, and add a depth perception problem and you have me. Once during a big tournament, the ball was coming straight towards me at a perfect angle to where I could easily get it back into the air. I dove for the ball and landed on my face a good foot away from where it touched the ground.

    Ah yes, applaud the klutz.


  2. N.J. says:

    I completely understand how clumsy one person can be in one day. One day I tripped down stairs and busted my knees up, fell on my face off of the monkey bars, and busted my head open at swim practice that night.
    Klutz stories are the best stories.


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