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The Star Wars Epidemic


Jake Duffy | Opinions

It seems like yesterday I was walking in-hand with my dad to the ticket booth in my Darth Vader voice changer.

My heart bursting with excitement to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3). See, like many kids I was raised watching Star Wars, like my parents before me, and became enthralled with the sci-fi epic that took planet earth to a place far, far away.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the 7th film in the franchise, is upon us and has become a worldwide epidemic as fans will finally not only have a new installment, but will see where some of the world’s most popular characters will go after a nearly 40-year intermission. Luke, Han, and Liea’s adventures have guided generations, it has defined them, and it has advanced them not only in the form of filmmaking but in cinematic storytelling. Star Wars is a source of human achievement not only for its spectacle but how it’s brought together people all around the world to a galaxy that has sparked imagination by all its viewers.

Star Wars is unique because of its production. The original trilogy introduced a scrolling preface that seemed to be moving into space. George Lucas was eventually kicked out of the director’s guild for this innovation. The original trilogy, and especially prequel trilogy, had introduced innovative Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) which pushed the film’s realism by being able to create more expansive and detailed images on-screen.

More than anything I’ve always admired how each Star Wars film has had a different director while also maintaining a very identical aesthetic and continuity. Star Wars has seen many great directors, but J.J. Abrams, responsible for writing the show Lost and directing films like Mission Impossible 3 and the two most recent Star Trek films, developed his own director trademarks into the medium which earned him the spot as the film director of The Force Awakens.

Star Wars is a universal favorite because it took all these chances, and it proceeds to push the status quo which is what all great forms of art do. Star Wars is meant for everybody. If you have or haven’t seen the previous films, make sure to be a part of this cinematic and generational experience. Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases this Friday, December 18th in all theaters across Albuquerque.




  1. Lauren Koelling says:



  2. T says:

    Is anyone else disappointed that Jar Jar wasn’t a Sith Lord in the new Episode?


  3. James Q Hedgecock says:

    This says absolutely nothing to indicate that Star Wars is an “Epidemic”. One would think that an epidemic would be bad, as it refers to a widespread infection from a deadly pathogen. This article is not only nostalgic, but it appears to be nothing short of doting. Come on Jake, step up your game.


  4. Kieran Leeds says:

    While most of this article has a ring of truth to it, what’s the deal with the “epidemic” about Star Wars. I can’t find anything about this epidemic in the article. While this is a well-written article, I think the title should be reworded to pertain more to the article’s contents.


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