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Holly Moly: the New UFC Bantamweight Champion


Marshall Ma | News

Friday, November 14th. The day at school was stressful, as usual. I had been thinking about it all week. Saturday night could not come sooner, yet was filled with dread. I found myself more stressed out about this than I was about school. This being UFC 193– the much anticipated fight between Albuquerque’s very own underdog, Holly Holm, and dominant UFC champion, Ronda Rousey.

Saturday finally came around. I was so excited yet so scared for this fight. My plans for watching the fight was with the community of Kim’s Martial Arts at the school itself. The night finally arrived and I drove to the school. We set up a huge projector and started streaming the fight. Because Holly’s fight was the main event, we had to wait through all of the preliminary rounds, lasting about 2 hours. But then time finally came, and suddenly my sense of time stopped and I became even more frantic.

I realized that for the first time in my life, I had deep and personal vested interest in a sporting event. I started going to Winklejohn’s Gym as a freshman. This is where I met the Holly Holm. She teaches one of the boxing classes I attended. She was my first coach in boxing.

Watching both fighters strut to the octagon made me sweat. Time could not go by any slower. The fight began, and both fighters began going at it. As a renowned Judoka, I panicked every time Ronda grabbed Holly. On the flip side, I screamed intensely every time Holly punched Ronda with her world champion boxing fist. The first round was intense; however, it was obvious that Holly took it. At this point, the stress only grew. But when the second round began and we could all tell that Holly knew what she was doing. She repeatedly exploited Ronda’s lack of fitness and arguably made her look embarrassing. Then all of the sudden, the underdog, Holly Holm, punches Ronda with one last straight left, knocking her on her knees. Holly immediately picks Ronda back onto her feet, and swiftly roundhouses her in the neck, sending THE Ronda Rousey into her airborne demise. Holly shocked the world. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I suddenly lost my hearing as everything was instantly drowned out by screaming, including those of my own. It was the loudest room I have ever been in. I lost my voice that night and twisted my ankle from jumping up and down so much. I also didn’t sleep that night. But it was all worth it because for the first time in my life, I became an official stereotypical fangirl.

The kick heard from around the world. Holly Holm (right), Ronda Rousey (left).


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