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The Candidates and Climate Change


Keith Bova | News

Republican Candidates:

Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina

The three leading Republican candidates all take a separate stance in regards to climate change. Donald Trump doesn’t believe that global warming exists, rather he believes in a fluctuation of the weather. Trump thinks that we have much bigger problems and should not focus on climate change.  Dr. Carson believes that we have an obligation to protect the environment, but argues that climate change should stay out of politics. He believes that it is distracting and irrelevant. Carly Fiorina believes that any attempt to stop global warming is futile and pointless if the United States is acting alone.  


Factories and Carbon Emissions             Photo:

Democratic Candidates:

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

 Bernie Sanders believes that global warming is an international crisis that needs to be solved. He wishes to tax companies for their carbon emissions and use that income to fund renewable resources. Hillary Clinton also wishes to move toward more efficient energy sources and conservation. She advocates removing American dependence on natural resources that are obtained from foreign countries in conflict.


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  1. Young_Man98 says:

    Climate change is something that is on the horizon, but no one seems to want to talk about it in a serious manner until it becomes a serious issue! Politicians just want to push the topic off to the side so they can get back to talking about themselves, and most of the citizens don’t care because they are uninformed. If something isn’t done about global warming now, then it will affect billions of people within the next 100 years, and that’s not an issue to be pushed off to the side.


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