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Relieve Stress Before Tests


Kaylin Carpenter | Lifestyle

With finals right around the corner, it’s easy to get stressed out quick.

Although pre-final anxiety is hard to avoid, here are five easy ways to relieve your stress before you take your tests.

Listen to music. Listening to calm and relaxing music can calm you down almost instantly, and can put you in a way better mood.

Eat a good breakfast. Making sure you have a good breakfast before taking a test is a super easy way to tone down your stress levels.

Talk to a friend. Not only will you be able to talk through your problems, but if you get a good laugh in, it can help tremendously.

Get some sleep. I don’t mean during the exam, but making sure you get a good night’s sleep will save you from exhaustion during your test. Also, you’ll wake up feeling great!

Yoga! Do some stretches when you wake up and you’ll feel relaxed and prepared to take on your finals for that day!


1 Comment

  1. Young_Man98 says:

    Interesting! I already do many of these! Maybe I need to try the yoga and eating breakfast part.


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