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How to Reduce Stress During the Chaos of Finals


bindersRachel Habing | FEATURES EDITOR

Finals week is quickly approaching and with finals comes stress. Here are five ways to reduce stress and effectively study for finals while everyone around you is freaking out.

  1. Plan everything out. Make a calendar showing what finals are on what day of the week and plan out how long you need to study for each test and how long each project will take. Schedule time to make note cards and study sheets too. Junior Lauren Hewitt said, “I have to plan everything out around finals. It really helps keep me on track and make sure I manage my time and study enough.”
  2. Take breaks. Take a break every hour you study or when you finish an assignment. It will help you stay more focused and be more efficient when you are studying. Just make sure each break isn’t too long and taking up study time.
  3. Work out. Working out can clear your mind, help you stay focused, and relieve stress. Working out will also help you stay healthy during the chaos of finals week.
  4. Eat right and drink plenty of water. Along with working out, eating right and drinking enough water will help keep you healthy during finals week. Who can focus on a test when their stomach is growling?
  5. Spend time with family members- especially the furry ones. Talk about what’s stressing you out with your family and have them help you study. Playing with animals is proven to reduce stress so spend some your breaks playing with any pets you have.



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  1. B.H.M says:

    These are some great tips I plan on trying out. The only problem about taking a break is that it starts as a 30 minute break and turns in to binge watching Grey’s Anatomy until 1 in the morning. But otherwise I want to try out these tips.


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