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My Future



Future Journalist of America. Photo by: Kaylee Carver

Future Journalist of America. Photo by: Kaylee Carver

I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do since I was in the 5th grade. Writing and public speaking have been passions of mine since I was eight years old, writing in diaries and putting on shows for family members. I never really knew I could put the two together until I was 14, and from that point on my only goal has been to become a broadcast journalist.

With the help of years of theater, AP English courses, newspaper, and the social butterfly within, I’ve slowly been training to reach my goal. Though it sounds like I have it all figured out, the reality of being a broadcast journalist and really making it are slim to none. That hasn’t stopped me.  Next year my plans are to go into multimedia journalism at either University of Arizona or University of New Mexico. I’ve also looked into internships. Albuquerque Journal takes a group of college students every year, and I’ve gotten in contact with an anchorwoman in Tucson.

People such as Giuliana Ramsey and Terrence Jenkins (hosts of the television show E News) have inspired me from a young age. Though I don’t see myself going into entertainment journalism, the way they present themselves to the public is outstanding. I want to mirror that in my career and expand my knowledge in not only public speaking, but sports as well.


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