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Leading the Way


Kaylin Carpenter | LIFESTYLES

If you play sports, you know that when you were a freshman there was always one or more upperclassmen that you looked up to.

Whether they were a senior or just someone that worked extremely hard to lead the team, these people knew exactly how to motivate you and get you pumped up for your next game or performance.

Gabby Jeantete has been on varsity cheer since freshman year, and now that she’s a senior she’s definitely someone that the freshman can look up to. “It’s fun being a leader and knowing that the other team members look up to me,” Gabby said. She said she tries to make sure her team is always positive and giving 110% no matter what.

Another senior leader is Mandie Perea, girls varsity basketball. Mandie always tries to be positive and give her team the energy they need. “You’re a role model and your team follows you, so you have to step up and be that leader that they need,” Perea said.

Being a senior on your team, you’re automatically looked up to by the younger kids. “You have to be a role model for all the younger guys. That means being to practice on time, leading all the drills or workouts, and motivating everyone to work harder,” said Nick Meyer, a senior on boys basketball.


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