If you haven’t heard, the La Cueva Girls Golf Team, two-time defending champions, is all the talk. According to Max Preps, the girl’s team is first in the 6A District 2 Girls Golf Standings. What contributes to their wins?

“Getting as familiar as I can with the course I’m going to play, especially the slopes of the green and where I think the pin placement will be,” said senior Sarah Rippberger about her game-winning strategy.

Katie Meyer, junior, said, “I prepare for a tournament by practicing about a week before on my areas of improvement, and I eat.”

Along with preparation, dedication, and talent, these girls are ready for a state championship win!

“Saying that you take a stick and hit a ball multiple times into a tiny cup just really doesn’t make sense,” Meyer said. “You have to play the game before you truly understand it.”

Learn more about Rippberger and Meyer in the next issue of The Edition.