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My Favorite Classes


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My favorite class is Office Aid and it is my first class in the morning. In the office we do stuff like putting teacher’s mail in the mailboxes. We also shred papers in the office. I give packages to a lot of different teachers in the morning. One time I also turned on the T.V.’s in the concourse. Putting on the television was fun. I think that the office aid job is awesome.

My next favorite class is Journalism. We did an interview with students about smoking. I interviewed one girl and one boy. Before I gave my interview, my teacher talked about important interview techniques. She said that having ice breakers is important. It is also important not to email or text message while giving the person the interview. The students that I interviewed said that they don’t smoke. I enjoyed talking to people who I interviewed and they had some nice things to say.

In Newspaper we are working on Noah’s Notes. In Noah’s Notes I get to talk about things like my favorite Special Olympics sport. In newspaper we also talked about my favorite Disney villains from Disney movies. I have also talked about my sister Lesly. In newspaper the students go online and find good articles. Students in our class write for The Edition. For The Edition the students write articles about things like the booing of freshman at the assemblies at our school. My favorite thing about this class is finding pictures for the school newspaper.

In World History we are learning about Christopher Columbus who discovered America.  We also learned about the Native Americans that Christopher Columbus met during his voyage. Also in World History we are learning about how Cortez conquered the Aztecs. We also studied about the famous Zheng He who was an ancient Chinese explorer that sailed around the ocean. We also talked about King Henry the Eighth. He is from England and he married Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. History: I really like the class because we read in our books. Thank you for reading about my favorite classes like office aid, journalism and newspaper, and world history.


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  1. Nidal says:

    I am happy that you pay attention in class and work hard. I also have journalism and it has taught me alot about interviewing and even how to write. I still have two more years to go until I am done with highschool. If you want to get through highschool my suggestion is to never give up.

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