Two pairs of crutches, belonging to Riley and Natalie Cook both part of the sports section.
Two pairs of crutches, belonging to Riley and Natalie Cook; both part of the sports section of the La Cueva Edition.

As many know, here at La Cueva High School, it is definitely injury season. In all different grades, we have 10-15 students on crutches or in braces right now due to injuries from sports or just in general.

The risk you have for playing sports is the aspect of getting injured. Now, this is not to say everyone gets injured because not everyone does. When students are playing sports there comes a risk when the competition increases and becomes more competitive. The number of injuries that have occurred over that last couple of years has definitely increased in the age group of about 14 years to 18 years.

Now, not everyone knows what it is like to be on crutches. Although it may look fun, it’s NOT. Speaking from personal experience, having to miss out on your sport,  and feeling weak is very frustrating and disappointing. Trying to deal with getting to class on time, going to your locker, transportation to school, and not being able to carry anything is something everyone might take for granted; until you’re on crutches. There is a lot to deal with when you’re injured which tends to put a lot more pressure and stress on students. In addition to that, getting around campus on crutches is a whole new danger I thought I’d never encounter. Along with all the situations the injured deal with, it makes things that much harder when fellow students don’t hold the door open or don’t notice that you need the door opened for you. So the next person you see in the hallway, hold the door open for them, don’t bump into them and try to put a smile on their face.