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Diary of a Wimpy Kaylin



Diary of a Wimpy Kaylin photoEver since elementary school, I’ve always been one of the smallest in my grade. I’ve never been picked first to play any sports in P.E. or at recess, and I constantly get pushed into walls and lockers because people don’t see me in the halls.

Do you know what it’s like to hear expressions like “Your future is big!” and “Dream big!” and know that no matter what, my future will never be big, nor will my  dreams, due to the fact that I am a 15 year old who has not yet exceeded 5 foot?

I have been used as an armrest by countless people, and I am always having to ask, “Hey, can you reach that for me?” or “What’s happening? I can’t see over this person!” Endless jokes about my shoe size, hand size, and height are something I have always had to deal with, and don’t even get me started about the nicknames like “smalls,” “stepstool,” and “little nugget.”

Moral of the story: if anyone has any tips on how to gain a couple inches, let me know.


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  1. Jungle Mike, Reynolds says:

    I like your article haha. I can relate to what you said about having to ask people around you whats going on when you can’t see, and my mom is only 4’11- 5ish so i get to see her problems first hand and the struggle is real. You also said that you haven’t exceeded 5 foot yet? On the bright side people under a certain height are legally midgets. I know because my mom is only a couple inches away, haha bummer for her. Anyway if you are a dwarf you might get mad benefits from the government which would be chill. Oh and if your truly want to grow drink a fat cup of milk before bed ery night, you’ll be like shaq in no time. Thanks for the read! Good luck with your problem.


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