Halloween has come and gone, but one of the best memories about the holiday is snuggling up with a blanket, eating loads of candy, and watching festive movies. If you’re not a fan of horror films, then this is the list for you. Here are my top 8 favorite Halloween movies, perfect for reawakening that All Souls Day spirit anytime.

1.Halloweentown – This is a classic Halloween film and probably one of my all-time favorites. Halloween Town is about a young girl who finds out she’s a witch and that there is a whole supernatural town called Halloweentown. She and her siblings travel there to find that it needs saving and they can help.

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2. Halloweentown II – Obviously if you watch the first Halloweentown movie you have to watch the sequel.

3. Halloweentown III – If you watch the first Halloweentown movies you might as well commit to watching the third.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas – Even though the title mentions Christmas, this is definitely a spooky Tim Burton film. In the film, the main character, Jack Skellington, is Halloweentown’s pumpkin king. One day Jack stumbles across a door leading him to Christmastown and he becomes obsessed. Watch as the spooky residents of Halloweentown try to recreate their own Christmas.

5. The Corpse Bride – Going along with the Tim Burton theme, The Corpse Bride is also another great option. This movie is about a couple who are about to wed when the groom, Victor, gets dragged to the land of the dead. In the land of the dead is a girl named Emily who was married after she eloped with her love and now she wants to marry Victor. See what happens to Victor and his bride-to-be in this great film.

6. Hocus Pocus – This is another classic Halloween movie and I promise you’ll love it. It follows three teenagers who stumble upon an abandoned house and accidentally free three, evil witches. Watch as the teens try to stop the witches from causing havoc.

7. Casper – This cute movie is all about a sweet little ghost who haunts a house. A ghost specialist and his daughter Kat visit the house in hopes to find a ghost. Casper quickly bonds with Kat, but his ghost uncles cause trouble for the two.

8. Coraline –The movie Coraline is undoubtedly the creepiest, in my opinion, out of the others I’ve mentioned. The movie is named for a young girl who moves with her family to a new house. Finding a secret door, Coraline goes into it and finds herself in the “Other World” that is just like her real life except her parents have black button eyes. Her “Other Mother” wants Coraline to stay in that world, but in order to do so, she has to sew button eyes onto her. This movie is extremely creepy, but definitely appropriate for Halloween.