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The Handheld “Monster”



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Advisory at La Cueva High School recently included a powerful message about cyberbullying. Students and teachers viewed and discussed a video demonstrating how technology has propelled suicide to the #3 killer of teens in the US.

The video represented the amount of cyberbullying that goes on daily through social networking sites and apps. Cyberbullying is defined by as bullying someone online by sending or posting mean messages, sometimes anonymously. In today’s society cyberbullying has become exacerbated with these things called cell phones.

Now is literally the worst time ever. Bullies can send rude and harmful messages over and over without even looking their target person in the eye.

Today’s society is more dangerous than ever with everyone’s hand held “monsters.”  As teens continue to rule the social media world, the strong message to stand up for others, speak out against bullying, and report inappropriate social media use must continuously be sent out to save lives each and every day.

Cyberbullying by the Numbers:

  • 34.4% say they have been cyberbullied.
  • 3 million kids aged 13-17 are absent from school each month due to bullying.
  • 90% of parents are not aware that their child is being cyberbullied.
  • 10% report the abuse.
  • 40.6% (girls) vs. 28.2% (boys): targeted by gender

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  1. Young_Man98 says:

    I think cyber bullying is definitely a problem in today’s technology potent society, but I also think kids that happen to be using social media sites where cyber bullying and harsh comments are prevalent need to be aware that this type of behavior from other users happens often. Unless the cyber bully is legitimately threatening your life or well-being, you just need to remind yourself that this person that insists on bringing others down has a serious problem within themselves that prompts them to lash out at others. Most of the time you’re not the only one they’re targeting.


  2. James Q Hedgecock says:

    Yeah. Cyber-bullying is intense. I once knew someone who committed suicide because of cyber-bullying.


  3. KH_90 says:

    Cyber bullying is such a huge issue in today’s society. This article brings awareness to the situation!


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