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Chinese Children


Jake Duffy | Opinions

For 35 years the Chinese government has instilled something you may have heard of known as the one-child policy. Since 1980 communist China has restricted all couples from having more than one child due to the nation’s fear of population explosion. Recently China has altered the deal by allowing Chinese families to have not only one but two children due to an aging population and lack of female population presence.

Chinese culture tends to favor males, often leading to abortion or adopting out their female children.  This lack of a female population presences will lead to about 25 million Chinese men never having the capability to marry or reproduce, according to Steve Tsang, professor of contemporary Chinese studies at the University of Nottingham.

Although China will see fewer marital relationships, generations with massive gender imbalances, and a changed social interaction landscape, the Chinese aren’t feeling very remorseful about it all. China, with reason, believes that the policy boosted their economic success in the 80s and prevented poverty and population overcrowding, which is all true. China’s policy seemed to be a “big picture” policy and not necessarily one to prove its control over its people.  For the long run I believe this policy has been beneficial.

Although I’m cathartically anti-authoritarian, I believe China wanted to better the future of its people overall rather than oppress them. Chinese officials have made it clear that they are aware of the social damage their policy has made and will eventually continue to create, but the economic stability of the people will be positively impacted.

The policy is not totally authoritative though.  The one-child policy was really only forced on an urban population, especially the poor. Although the targeting of the poor is really communist, it has still been lenient towards rural and more fortunate Chinese families, not making child control as much of an infringement as it sounds.

The population regulation will have an impact on poverty and will in the future lead to a massive new workforce boom. China will see a severe demographic plummet, but I believe the nation will be reimbursed by its new generation of siblings.

Hopefully China will understand the benefits of giving their citizens more family freedom, but their nationwide policy seemed to be more than a power stunt to me.



  1. James Q Hedgecock says:

    While your writing is mostly spot on Jake, you clearly have no clue what communism is. Communism is the idea that everyone should be equal and money shouldn’t exist and that you should just give someone whatever they ask for. It is an entirely unrealistic form of government, that actually handicaps the rich and gives to the poor, rather than the reverse. Do some research before you start slinging politically charged statements.


    • We did some research, and according to the highly accessible, communism is an “economic theory favoring a classless society and the abolition of private property,” not a form of government. It seems Jake has a clue what communism is after all.


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