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Democratic Debate

The candidates are getting deep in their arguments at the debate. Photo by

The candidates are getting deep in their arguments at the debate. Photo by USA Today.

Natalie Cook | Sports Writer

While Barrack Obama’s term is approaching an end, the Democratic candidates battled it out during a debate on October 13th. The candidates include Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, former secretary of the state Hillary Clinton, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, Virginia senator Jim Webb and former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee.  Moderators  asked policy questions about almost every global topic, from guns to climate change to criminal justice and so on. However, there were a few policy clashes.

Clinton was bashed over her position on Syria and her vote regarding Iraq. Meanwhile, Sanders was attacked for his position about guns as well as his cooperation in the situation with bailing Clinton out on the use of her private email.

However, Sanders hit a topic that captivated America by confronting the main issue of business classes. Clinton managed to answer each question diligently and it boosted her social standings. Webb and Chafee did not participate in the debate as much as the other candidates and instead they sidelined themselves. O’Malley spoke a few times on the topics the other candidates were asked and he used the leadership angle. Overall it was a close call between Clinton and Sanders for the win on this debate.

Who do you think won the debate?



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