It’s time for the PSAT and you know what that means. A mountain of stress higher than Everest, transforming into a ball of neurotic nerves and the feeling like any second you are going to have a mental breakdown. Why all the fuss for a practice test whose scores don’t affect your grades or your life in any permanent way?

Nothing screams shared cultural experience like a psat meme.
Nothing screams shared a cultural experience like a psat meme.

Maybe the fact that it can affect your life and your college aspirations. Those who go above and beyond to score that unattainable score can become a National Merit Scholar which means scholarships that will pay for college, and a good one at that. If you do poorly on the PSAT, you imagine you will do about the same on the actual test and you can see your college dreams going down the toilet.

How you score on the actual SAT can affect which colleges you get into, if you can afford to go at all.  These scores determine if you get in, get put on the wait list of doom, or just get a rejection letter. The average score in America in 2014 was 1500 out a maximum of 2400, according to Business Insider.

Many screws around during the PSAT, saying it does not matter, but personally, I would like to actually graduate college while not paying student loans till I die. On the day of the PSAT at La Cueva High School, the sophomores are forced to take it, every junior and their mother sign up to take it voluntarily and the school becomes a ghost town.

At least people are focusing on getting a good score on this test. I mean it’s not like you’re missing almost an entire day of school, but do great on your test.