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Best BBQ in ABQ?


Marshall Ma | NEWS WRITER

For the meat-lovers all over Albuquerque, BBQ restaurants are nothing short of familiar. However, for us aspiring meat-connoisseurs, where do we begin our carnivorous journeys?

The most prominent hot-spots for barbecue-smothered protein are Quarters, Rudy’s and Whole Hog. But which one reigns superior? The Edition editors and staff weigh in on their favorites.

Simple and saucy. Rudy’s is sure to please.

Editor in chief Caitlyn McDowell said, “Rudy’s is my top pick because they feature an exclusive menu item they call ‘Chopped,’ a combination of shredded meats smothered in barbecue sauce. Also their potatoes and creamed corn is the best.”

Also vouching for Rudy’s, The Edition photo editor Kaylee Carver said, “It’s quality food, good service, and a great atmosphere! Every time I go, I have something different. My favorites being the turkey, shredded beef, creamed corn, banana pudding, and pecan pie.”

A Whole Hog Platter, featuring their savory meats and addictive potato salad. Photo by Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal

On the other hand, opinions writer Jake Duffy prefers Whole Hog. “You get the most bang for your buck.” Personally, I agree with this, which is why Whole Hog is also my favorite. Though Whole Hog and Rudy’s prices start at around 11 dollars, Whole Hog gives the best deal in both quality and quantity.

However, the newspaper team unanimously agrees that Quarters BBQ is by far lacking with the highest prices but lowest quality. Adviser for The Edition Susan Schripsema said,”The last time we went to Quarters was the LAST time.”


Ribs, onion rings, and texas toast plate with a side of corn from The Quarters BBQ.

Nonetheless, all three restaurants appeal to the meat-eater in us all. What’s your favorite?



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