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Everyone Deserves Clean Water


Lauren Koelling | Feature Writer

The thought of a high school student starting his own charity campaign may seem a little out there, but for Jake Duffy it is only the beginning of what he wants to do as his future career.

Jake Duffy, La Cueva HS junior, aspires to be a humanitarian and started the “Jake’s Clean Water Campaign” approximately two weeks ago. The Clean Water Campaign is a charity that raises money to build clean water projects for people in need. Jake said, “My campaign is raising money to build water wells inside of Africa and places that don’t have the ability for clean water.”

To anyone who believes teens have limited influence or only care about themselves, just talk with Duffy for awhile. “I’ve always been an avid follower of all charities, and I usually try to support them. I want to be a humanitarian when I get older, so it’s good to find interest and show charity. I’ve always admired charity: water because they have been able to do a large amount of work over a small amount of time, and I saw that they had opportunities for people to start a campaign to raise money for people. I thought it would be a good way to start what I eventually want to do.”

Charity: water is a group of passionate and determined creative problem solvers who want to make a difference. According to their website,, “663 million people on the planet don’t have clean water.”

Compelled to respond, Jake Duffy started his own charity: water campaign. Image from charity

Compelled to respond, Jake Duffy started his own charity: water campaign. Image from charity

Jake’s campaign hopes “to achieve just as much money as possible to eventually support people and be able to impact lives of people I don’t know across the entire planet.” A noble goal, to be sure. However, Duffy doesn’t stop with helping others across the globe.  “I also want to inspire other people to be interested in helping people that they don’t know and to be able to understand that the world isn’t a dark place and that they can do something about it.”

Jake’s campaign has been raising money from private donors, and 100 percent of the donations go directly to water projects around the world. Jake said, “As of now I have raised about $400.” If you want to make an impact you can join Jake’s Campaign, or even better make your own!

More information about starting your own water campaign can be found at charity 




  1. N.C.J says:

    I really admire what Jake Duffy has done to try and make a difference in the world. The idea that teenagers do not have a voice, infuriates me deeply and people like Jake Duffy prove those allegations are wrong. Keep doing what feels right to you and don’t let society change your way of thinking. Also, thumbs up to the La Cueva newspaper staff for deciding to share this story to the La Cueva community.


  2. Daisy says:

    It is inspiring to see a young person at my high school make a difference. His campaign makes me feel like I can stand up for what I think is important and ultimately make an impact on the world.


  3. B.M. says:

    Jake Duffy is a great representation of how anyone can make an impact and how everyone has a voice. He brought a noble cause to the spotlight so everyone can see that dirty water is a problem and we need to fix it.


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