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Art Students Walk the Chalk



Dora Bean, senior Drawing and Painting III student, adds to her chalk art.

Dora Bean, senior Drawing and Painting III student, adds to her chalk art.

Picture 2

Student artists apply their skills. These chalk pieces have received much acclaim from the LCHS community.

Picture 3

Composition, scale, and human figure drawing are featured in many of the chalk drawings.

Picture 4

Masterpieces come alive in brilliant chalk.

Drawing and Painting art students have suffered in ninety degree heat creating an art mural of famous art pieces with chalk. Although the students dislike the heat, many say they love the outdoors. “I love the sun, being outside, and breathing in fresh air,” said Joey Martinez, senior Advanced Studio art student.

The chalk mural project located on a concrete berm on the east side of campus has been developing over the course of a week to the delight of the LCHS community. “Public art really livens up otherwise dreary spaces and shows that the school values student art,” said Dora Bean, senior, Drawing and Painting III student. Carrie McCoy, art advisor, said her favorite part is, “making art outside the classroom and having the community exposed to the wonderful student artwork.”

The mural is adding authentic art experiences for the students working outside. “We get to use really cool colors and see the talents of the students shading the colors,” said Kallie Samora, senior Drawing and Painting III student.

They say art imitates life, but for these students, their art imitates, well, art. Alexys Percival, junior Drawing and Painting I student, said, “The chalk project is a fun learning experience about famous art pieces.”

Filming the whole week, Joey Martinez and McCoy both had a lot to say about the involvement of all the students. “It’s really cool to see the progress and to create something that will virtually last forever,” said Martinez, senior Advanced Studio student. McCoy said, “I love seeing everyone come together as a team while working large scale and seeing good results quickly.”




  1. Jack Panera says:

    The artwork is very cool! But in the future is it truly necessary? In some ways it could perhaps downgrade the look of the school. Thanks


  2. S.J.Dak says:

    I think it is great that you are giving credit to these students who work hard on projects like this one.


  3. KH_90 says:

    It’s a great thing that the school is promoting student’s creativity in an artful and respectable way. Besides pouring out their creativity with paper and pen, seeing their imagination soar in a mural is a great idea. It allows people to admire students efforts and talent, as well as for the art students themselves to admire their hard work and talent.


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