Lauren Koelling | Staff Writer

Officer James Klein on the job protecting the La Cueva community Photo By:Isabella Barton

Officer James Klein on the job protecting the La Cueva community. Photo by Isabella Barton.

Have you ever seen a security guard at your school and wondered how they got there? Or what their job was like? The La Cueva security guards do a lot for this school and even though you may hate them for stopping you from ditching, they really do care about your safety.

So why put kids’ lives into the hands of these men? A school’s environment should be safe and controlled for the students to be able to get the best education.  Our school resource officers have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and truly care for the wellbeing of students.

“I’ve been working the schools since 1994, and prior to that I worked in a drug resistance program to teach kids the dangers of drugs and gang resistance in middle schools,” said Officer Mark Lillie. “I retired in 2001, and six years later got a call from the police department and I was assigned as a school resource officer.”

Officer James Klein said, “I think I play an important role in kid’s safety because I keep the campus secure.” With an enrollment of over 1800 students, campus security at La Cueva is no small matter.

At a time when police officers across the nation face stiff criticism, we may wonder why anyone would want to be a cop. Officer James Klein said, “I got into this profession because I enjoy working with people and I love helping people. I’ve always worked with the public.” Officer Mark Lillie agrees that helping people is what makes “a difference in the community.”

In spite of looking tough and mean, these officers are humble and funny, necessary character traits for anyone working with high school students.  And although teens can be rambunctious, Officer Klein said, “The craziest thing that has ever happened at La Cueva was Monday” when he handcuffed a student for getting out of hand.

These officer also say that their profession lacks funding and they would love to have more cameras on the job, but otherwise they are here to protect and serve the La Cueva community.



  1. Preston G. says:

    Thank you police officers! They help keep the environment safe and keeps us protected.


  2. Ryan M says:

    We read and edited this article in Journalism class! Interesting to see it in the school newspaper


  3. Joe says:

    This is very true, the security guards help a lot and provide a fun place and time during school


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