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Set it up for Victory



As soon as the volleyball was served, the 2015 Varsity Volleyball team knew they had won the metro tournament. Going into the tournament they had a good idea they could be successful because of their motivation and dedication. “I knew we were in a good position to win because we worked hard over the summer and in practices,” Sophia Masuda, Senior libero. Having encouraging teammates had also helped the girls fight until the last serve of the last game.

“Abby Stomp, our setter, is the most motivational teammate I have ever met,”said Andrea Howard, junior. “She’s the one that pushes everyone to do their best 24/7.”  With the extra push from teammates, the team felt very prepared for the last game and into winning the tournament.

“Since I have been at La Cueva, volleyball has not been in the championship game, so it was very exciting being a part of the team that not only made the finals, but took metro,” said Musada. Winning the metro tournament is a huge accomplishment because it’s a tournament involving all teams in Albuquerque.

The team showcases their trophy and blue metro shirts with big smiles. Photo by Sophia Masuda

The team showcases their trophy and blue metro shirts with big smiles.
Photo by Sophia Masuda

Now that the varsity squad has won metro, “everyone is out for blood to beat us,” said Celeste Carmignani, junior. From this point on, the LC Varsity Volleyball team is going to continue to work hard and preserve their goals to take state. “We must choose to fight for every point no matter the team on the other side of the net.”



  1. Jackson Barr says:

    This is very cool the see the vollyball team win metro. I know they haven’t won a championship in a long time so it is really good to see that they are doing well and winning!


  2. Antonio says:

    Good job! Shows the hard work and dedication our teams put in, Way to represent la cueva!


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