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We’ve all had to take physical education, and have probably seen the general stereotype of PE in a movie. From getting hit in the face with a dodge ball to having to dress out in front of peers. But it’s 2015! So is that what PE is like still? And is PE really beneficial to kids who don’t take part in sports? What do students who have to take these classes think of PE?

When asked what they think of PE class, LCHS students who do not take part in an extracurricular sports said, “Yes, I like PE. It’s fun and you get to do a lot of activities.” Freshman, Maximillian Chavez said, “Ya, I like PE because I like doing a lot of physical activities, and doing physical activity with friends…it makes it a lot better so you have people to play with.”

“It gets them outside and moving,” said Coach Brittany Dutton, who became a teacher to share her passion for sports with students. “They aren’t just sitting inside doing nothing, and you have to work cooperatively with your peers, and it teaches you how to be fit.”

Coach Anthony Ansotigue also believes that PE class has life-long benefits, especially with instruction from teachers who want to see students make good choices and who want to be a positive influence.  He attributes his career to PE coaches he had while in school.

These two coaches assure PE is more than an average workout.  Students play sports from other countries as well as games that cross typical sports, like basketball or soccer, but PE can also be challenging, especially the conditioning. “I like every game we’ve played so far, and my least favorite part are the exercises,” said Maximillian.

Freshman, Debbie Cyinatumba agrees. “My favorite part of PE is the sports, but the running and fitness testing is my least favorite part.”

For Dutton, the conditioning is what makes school PE essential. “PE helps keep them physically active, sometimes this is the only physical activity the kids do and we hope that this kind of sparks them to start leading a healthy lifestyle for hopefully the rest of their lives.”

Freshman, Semi Dhaliwal said, “My favorite part of PE is hanging with friends ’cause we get to talk when we’re running.”  However, Dhaliwal acknowledges that PE is as rigorous for the non-competitive high school athlete as for those who are part of school teams. “I don’t really do any sports, actually, so learning the rules is the hard part and doing tests on them.”


Students playing soccer. Life long benefits of PE are well documented. Photo by Isabella Barton

Students playing soccer. Life long benefits of PE are well documented. Photo by Isabella Barton




  1. This was so informational! love it!


  2. C Tierney says:

    Personally, like the other interviewed people mentioned, I think the games are fun. We get to play different sports that we usually don’t have enough time, players, or equipment to play. But physical testing is a drag. Coach says, “Tomorrow we run the mile!” and the entire class groans.


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