New school year:  something changes.  That’s not news.  However, the 2015-2016 school year has so many changes, it’s hard to keep track.

One of the main changes that affect us all the most is the change in the bell schedule.  Every high school in the district now has the same (or close to the same) bell schedule, but for La Cueva the schedule’s most noticeable impact concerns lunch.

For all passing periods, there used to be an allowed seven minutes. The powers that be have changed the time we are allowed between classes from seven minutes to six. Now, this is less time but not inconceivable.

The major issue here is the outlandish four minutes we have to get from lunch to our 6th-period class. Four minutes to pack up our belongings, go to our lockers, use the bathrooms, and get to class. Outlandish is not too strong an adjective.

Every student has THAT teacher who says, “Go to the bathroom during lunch.” But we can’t. The hallways are closed, and during the one lunch, long lines ensure that if you buy food, you never have time to eat it. Even if students miraculously manage to accomplish all of these things, we still have barely enough time to make it to class.  THAT class where the teacher starts before the bell rings.

The administration needs to change the bell schedule, even if we all have to show up two minutes earlier or stay two minutes later to have a six-minute passing period.  I mean…it’s an easy fix, people.