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Tragedy in Virginia

Gun Statistics from www.behance.net

The U.S. leads other developed nations in the number of civilian shootings.  Graphic located at http://www.behance.net.

Claire Plymale | NEWS EDITOR

Around 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, August 26th, in Roanoke, Virginia, Vester Lee Flanagan II shot and killed two reporters while on live television. Alison Parker and Adam Ward, the victims, were conducting an interview with Vicki Gardner about the 50th anniversary of Smith Mountain Lake when Flanagan started firing shots. Flanagan filmed the whole shooting with a body camera he wore and then posted the video to his Facebook page shortly after.

Flanagan was a former reporter himself and was actually a former coworker of Parker and Ward. According to the New York Times, Flanagan had some issues at work and alleged some racial comments were the reason for the shooting. In a fax apparently from Flanagan to ABC News he stated, “I was already on the edge. The church shooting was a tipping point. The victims’ initials are written on the bullets.” Shortly after the shooting, Flanagan shot himself in the head while driving away from police and was pronounced dead later at the hospital.


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  1. C Tierney says:

    This is another example of a horrible encounter which many people around the reporters and watching the reporters had to witness. Shootings with so many witnesses like this are tragic and terrible.


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