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Forensic Science and La Cueva




Fingerprint Analysis: Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society


Forensics is an exciting new class offered at La Cueva this year. As the name suggests, this course goes into detail about the steps used in solving crimes and the techniques of different forensic scientists. Mrs. Robinson, a former toxicologist, is teaching the subject. She has a masters degree, worked in a morgue, and is very excited to be teaching the new class to La Cueva students.

The first semester will be spent with an introduction to forensic science and a classification of different types of evidence. It will later dive into fingerprint and DNA analysis, forensic pathology, and forensic anthropology. The second semester will view concrete evidence more closely and look into bloodstains, hair, firearms, and eyewitnesses.

This course classifies as a “c” strand science. This makes it a great alternative for students wishing to meet a graduation requirement, but who aren’t too eager to study physics. It is also a great experience for anyone interested in evidence and its contribution to the legal system.


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