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Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand



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Seabiscuit, written by Laura Hillenbrand, is the required reading for juniors in AP English 11. It’s a story about a racehorse, Seabiscuit, in 1930s. The book covers the lives of not only the horse, but its owner, Charles Howard, his trainer, Tom Smith, and his jockey, Red Pollard. Charles Howard was a bicycle repairman turned successful automobile salesman. Tom Smith lived on the frontier, taming wild horses for racing until he met Seabiscuit and Howard hired him. Red Pollard grew up as an avid reader in a small town and left hoping to make it big in horse racing. Seabiscuit was the grandson of the powerful stallion Man O’ War, but was never given the proper training until he met Smith. The lives of these four individuals intertwine to tell the tale of the greatest racehorse that ever lived.

As far as school mandated reading assignments go, Seabiscuit was a breeze. There isn’t much description in the story, and it doesn’t have any slow parts. Each chapter reads as if it’s a singular short story. It makes reading the book go by quickly and keeps the reader hooked. Even if nonfiction bores you, Laura Hillenbrand captures her audience exceptionally well. Seabiscuit will not disappoint.


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  1. Jackson Barr says:

    I have never read Seabiscuit, but I think I might now. It seems very interesting after reading this article. I will definitely see the movie now too!


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