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Cheer Team Tryouts Yield a Mix of Experience




Summer workouts build experience and confidence with the routines. Photo by Sondra Carpenter.


Cheerleading tryouts attracted 30 girls hoping to make the team with only seven spots available for the varsity squad. The purpose of tryouts were to test the skill level of the incoming freshman and the fresh faces as well as to see who is compatible for competitions. After tryouts the squad now has a better understanding of the place they stand this year and who will be the newest members.

“Coming from all-star to high school was way different, and cheering for a sports team in front of so many people was very intimidating,” said Gabby Jeantete, senior base. Cheerleading for eleven years, Jeantete found this one of the most intimidating situations in her cheer career. High school cheer was a lot scarier than she expected, but she has adjusted well going into her last year cheering high school.

“I’m scared because I feel like it’s going to be hard to learn everything so fast,” said Hannah Harlow, freshman base. As football season is rapidly approaching, the people who are new to the cheer community are feeling extra pressure to learn the material needed for the games. The varsity team as a whole is going to stay organized and learn everything at a specific pace in order to not leave anyone behind and look proficient.

The freshman thought it was hard enough learning two cheers for tryouts, but now that they’ve made the team, they are faced with more than 20 cheers to learn in a short amount of time. Cheerleading requires hard work and motivation, nevertheless “cheering with your closest friends,” said Harlow, will make all the difference.


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  1. Jackson Barr says:

    I play football and I see the cheerleaders at the games every Friday night. And I can see that they have been putting in a lot of work on their routines and they are a big part of the games!


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