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Divergent Leaves Unanswered Questions


by Lauren Koelling | Student Reviewer


Theatrical release poster.

Divergent the #1 New York Times Bestseller was just released in the big screen. The book takes place in the future and follows a sixteen year old girl and her life in her faction. She has to face a tough decision about whether to stay in her faction or leave; it then follows her life in the faction she chose. She faces hardship, loss, romance, and the reality of being Divergent.

I have read all the books and watched the movie, and comparing the book to the movie, the movie has some significant gaps of information. Like, what is Divergent and going more in-depth about the living conditions. The movie was very visually pleasing with lots of adventure and graphics. The acting was also very good. Shaileen Woodley (Tris) does an excellent job of character portrayal as the lead, and even though you don’t get to see what’s going on in Tris’s head, like in the book, Shaileen uses emotion to portray that.
The movie and book were very much like the Hunger Games in writing style and theme. If you have not read the Divergent books, I would recommend reading them before seeing the movie. The movie is very good even if you haven’t read the books, but as for unanswered questions the books would answer those. I loved this book and movie and would absolutely recommend it to everyone. It is age appropriate for teens and rated PG-13.


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  1. Jackson Barr says:

    I feel the same way as the writer of this article. The movie was good but the books were better and had much more detail. I am excited for the next movie in the series to come out, the Scorch Trails.


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