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Memories of Maya


Rachel Brienholt | NEWS WRITER

Photo courtesy of Allen Spencer.

Photo courtesy of Alan Spencer.

Maya Spencer and Sapphire Sloan walk out the door into the sun. Squinting against the bright light, Sapphire turns to see a tie-dye clad Maya bending to pick a cluster of flowers. “You’re such a hippie,” Sapphire jokes. Maya replies “Shut up” with a small smile on her face, pressing a blossom in between the pages of The Diary of Anne Frank.

“Oh my gosh, Mrs. McCoy, I have to show you this!” exclaims Maya, producing a picture of an adorable dog before sitting down at her table in the art room and taking out a bag of Takis to share with her group.

A boy walking through the halls is deliberately bumped into by another student, causing the book and papers clutched in his hands to spill to the floor. Maya Spencer stops on her way to class and kneels down to retrieve the fallen items. “Here you go,” she says with a kind smile.

A quirky, vivacious and bright girl, Maya Spencer left a lasting impression on everyone she encountered. She sang songs as loud as possible in the back of the band bus, loved to wear necklaces and bright colors, adored Tumblr, enjoyed marching band and the outdoors, overused the word “hella,” and could never finish a piece of artwork.

“She could do a lot of things, she had so much potential, but she’d rather do things in her own way, at her own pace,” said Sloan. “She was a little rebellious – I think that’s what made her so unique.”

Her most outstanding characteristic was her indiscriminate kindness. “That kind of uncommonly kind person was rare,” said John Converse, band director. “She was particularly good at befriending those who needed it.”


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