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LCHS Choir Steals the Show


Amanda Stoyanof | NEWS WRITER

The La Cueva 5th Avenue girls won first place at Show Fest 2015, held at the Villa Hispania at the State Fair Grounds.

The 5th Ave girls have been preparing for this competition since show choir summer camp seven months ago. After summer camp followed five choreography weekends with their choreographer, Anne Chapman, where they learned all their dance moves to accompany pop genre music. Reaching for excellence, “5th Avenue’s show is at a difficulty level of 8 out of 10, which is similar to a college level performance,” according to Lydia Kesatie, senior. With the help of Chapman, the choir director Deanna Amend, supportive parents, and hours of dedication from each individual in the group, the girls were able to take first place.

Their favorite parts of the competition? Performing and winning. To the 5th Ave girls, who also won best choreography, that’s exactly the payoff. “My favorite moment of the entire event was performing on stage with all of my 5th Avenue girls,” said Makaila Goodart, junior. “Although, winning was cool too, performing was overall the best part because the group had worked so hard for that moment.”

Goodart went on to say that showing off “all our hard work was really worth it.” Months of attention to detail culminated in an 18 minute performance of five to six songs, and for Meghan Goodart, junior, “My favorite moment is when we all walked off stage and knew that we left our heart on it.”


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