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UnderCover Colors


Trisha Romero | Opinions Writer

There are many very uncomfortable topics in the world, many of which, are covered up or ignored. Date rape is one of the scarcely reported topics that gets pushed back. It is practically an epidemic in the current college life. This is shameful to say, and even more shameful that it is actually true.

The Washington Post published its alarming findings on the frequency of date rape. 55% of about 1,570 colleges and universities with more than 1,000 students received at least on case of forcible sex offense on campus in 2012. Spanning 2010-2012, there were 14 reported on just North Carolina’s campus alone. This is the scariest thing I have heard in a while. This many people being victimized and it shows something about how parents have raised that generation and the values that they have. Moreover, the majority of both male and female students involved in date rape reported the use of drugs or alcohol, so when you are consuming alcohol or are at a party with alcohol is when you should be the most on guard.

There are many new ways to defend yourself against sexual predators. One of the ways to protect yourself is using the new clever invention of Undercover Colors. Four students that attended North Carolina State University, created something to help the masses with the recent pandemic. Undercover Colors is a nail polish that changes colors when in contact with popular date rape drugs. The list includes Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB. The company won the Lulu e-games this spring which is sponsored by N.C’s State’s Entrepreneurship initiative. The contest challenges students to design working solutions to real-world problems.

There are some that rally against this epidemic and it shows that there are some people at least who know the difference between right and wrong. We should be wondering why this is an epidemic and what we can do to stop it and not just how we can prevent it. Some ways to avoid date rape are avoid having too much to drink so that you are not intoxicated, always keep an eye on your drink and if you lose sight of your drink then don’t drink from it, and never go anywhere alone. Always be with friends and don’t put yourself into situations where there could be possible danger.


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  1. Jackson Barr says:

    I think this is a very good thing to have in schools to prevent things like this from happening.


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