The New Year can be an exciting but confusing time for teenagers across the United States.

Teenagers run into problems with getting into college, getting a job, and staying out of trouble.  According to Doctor Martinez in psychology,  “The new year for teenagers can bring these individuals closer to becoming young adults.”  Senior Mueez Rhman said, “In the new year you can be a new person, and start fresh.”

Lots of young teenagers seem to be excited about new products coming out.  Some examples of products are the new iPhone watch, new sweaters at H&M, and the new Gucci cologne soon to be in stock at Dillard’s.  Senior Julian Bustillo from Albuquerque Academy said, “The new year is a time when the iPhone Watch comes out!”  Many people are excited about the New Year and seem to know whats new and hot. Junior Monet Segura from Sandia High school said, “There is going to be so many new fashion trends especially once spring starts.”